What My Clients Are Saying:

We met with Healthy Hon to have a nutrition consultation about our son who is a competitive tennis player.  She was extremely thorough in reviewing our son’s eating habits, and she made many knowledgeable and practical recommendations to help his nutrition for overall health and training.  Healthy Hon made a point to work with us in terms of what we could do easily and what our son liked to eat.  We had specific questions about his eating on match day, and as a competitive athlete herself, she was able to provide expert advice to help him play his best.  The results have been better than we could have expected.  Our son’s athletic performance has improved dramatically due to his improved nutrition….he has advanced from local tournaments to state-wide tournaments, and he has doubled the number of tie-breakers won.  We have also been surprised and thrilled to find his overall mood and behavior has improved as well.  If you are looking to improve your family’s overall health or are seeking recommendations for a specific nutritional need, we couldn’t recommend Healthy Hon more highly.  Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Bert Jun

My son and I had nutrition consultations with Ashley.  As a mother of a child with a deadly peanut allergy, I liked that Ashley found protein alternatives for him since peanut butter and nuts are not an option for him.  Regardless of his peanut allergy, I liked that she did not offer radical food changes.  A 13 year old boy is not going to start eating kale just because a nutritionist said to!    Also, when she met with my son, she spoke to HIM and treated him with respect even though I was in the consultation.  This made a great impact on him and his wanting to eat to gain more energy.   I enjoyed my consultation because her food prep was simple!  No special ingredients or exotic food prep just items and methods I can use as a part-time working mother and spouse.

Mary Louise Woolley

My mom and I went to see Mrs. P. because I was getting ready for college.  She gave me great information on nutrition, food combinations and what was right to eat for my activity level.  One of the first topics was how to keep me feuled and energized during my long sports practices.  Although she personalized the sessions for me, my whole family was impacted in a positive way.  Three months after our sessions ended, my mom had her cholesterol checked and her good cholesterol had gone up and bad cholesterol had gone down.  We attribute this change to what we learned with Mrs. P. and how she helped us improve our eating habits.  I also had so much fun sharing my new knowledge with my friends.  My family and I continue to be benefit from the positie experience of working with Mrs. P.

Meghan Shippe

From the Fresh Start for Freshman Year Participants:

Learning about portions was so eye opening.  It made me think about how much I am putting into my body.

The most important thing I learned was that liquid calories are real!

Knowing what to eat in the cafeteria and good dorm room snacks will really help me this year.

I just loved the class!  It was so thorough!

I feel I can go to college now and know how to take care of my body.

You answered all of my questions and I loved all the handouts and samples.